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Bridesmaid Dresses- Match or Mismatch?

Bridesmaid Floral Dress

Now that we are diving into the New Year, this question is slowly approaching the 2018 wedding season. Shall a bride have her bridesmaids wear all matching dresses or is she feeling brave and wanting to mix it up? There are many pros and cons to each of these scenarios, so we are here today to discuss them all. This debate might seem silly, but in reality, this is a big deal considering these girls will be standing beside you at the altar!


So first, let’s tackle this matching idea. I believe no matter the generation or what’s “in”, matching will always be a safe call. You may not be jumping into the creative pool, but at least you will sleep soundly knowing your bridesmaids will all be in the same shade of mint green. Another bonus to matching is the benefit of consistency and a limited distraction; YOU are the center of attention in your beautiful white wedding dress, not your lady squad! The downside to matching bridesmaid dresses is the inability to make everyone happy. Unfortunately, flattering every skin tone and body shape is difficult, especially if the bride is feeling a nature themed wedding and selects a skintight, tan, tube dress!

Consistency Options

If you are in love with consistency and are set on having the same dress for everyone, I have a few recommendations for you . . . First, go with the long dress. It eliminates the need for self-tanner, takes attention away from the ever challenging shoe choice and provides a uniform look in pictures. Second, flowy and loose-fitting dresses are everyone’s best friend! These dresses look amazing on everyone and allow them to hit the dance floor without a worry in the world!

Same dress– Different Style

Another option, (and my personal favorite), is the same color dress but in a slightly different style! Allow the bridesmaids three to four different styles that make them feel a tad more comfortable. If one has killer shoulders, let them do an off the shoulder style! If someone has an awesome pixie cut, I’m thinking a halter-top is the way to go!


Now on to the daring mismatch idea! But before you panic, let me talk you through an option that won’t have you running for the hills. Granted, I am an art major, so I appreciate the importance of color value. But in my mind, ombre shades of dresses seem to be the perfect solution! Pick one of your favorite colors and assign the shades from lightest to darkest, then connect the girls with identical flowers. Another option is mixing and matching textures. Now lets not get carried away, I’m not talking polka dots and zebra stripes! I’m envisioning the same color, but differentiating the individuals with a sequined dress, a lace dress, and a silk option. This works best in black or navy.

The moral of the story; you can’t mess it up! Regardless of your choice, you and your squad will look beautiful. It is your day and you get to decide what your besties get to wear!

5 Wedding Day Tips for Bridesmaids

5 Wedding Day Tips for BridesmaidsYou’ve been selected to be a part of one of the biggest days of your friend/family member’s lives. Of course, you want your bride to have the perfect wedding! Below are a few simple, yet essential, things every bridesmaid can do to help the wedding day go smoothly.

Emergency Kit

Make sure someone in the bridal party, or the wedding planner, has a wedding day emergency kit on hand. You never know when you’ll need safety pins or band aids on the big day!


Make sure the bride eats breakfast. It’s easy to get so wrapped up in getting ready, that the bridal party forgets to eat. No one wants the bride to have a fainting spell on stage!


Work out luggage logistics. Does your bride need her suitcase moved from her car to the getaway car? Or from where she’s getting ready to the Honeymoon Suite? This is one of those seemingly minor details that is easy to let slip through the cracks, but it really does free up your bride to enjoy her big moment knowing you have her taken care of.


Make sure you’re on time. We’ve seen a wedding or two start late because members of the bridal party were MIA. Save the bride (and yourself) some stress and show up on schedule.

Restroom Breaks

Wedding dresses are notoriously difficult to get in to and out of, making restroom breaks on the wedding day a bit problematic. It can be awkward or uncomfortable for some, but check with your bride occasionally to see if she’s doing okay or if she will need some assistance… We’ll just leave it at that.

That’s our shortlist of bridesmaid advice. What about you? What are some of your favorite wedding-day tips? We’d love to hear from you! Find us over on Facebook and let us know your best bridesmaid tips.

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