Whisper Intimate Apparel Stillwater Ok

We love local businesses! We’re pleased to release the first of a new blog series featuring local wedding-related vendors. We asked the owner of Whisper Intimate Apparel, Melissa Wiles, a few questions. Here’s how it went:

Tell us a little about you- what inspired you to open Whisper Intimate Apparel?

I opened Whisper with the belief that every woman deserves to feel beautiful. Society says we’re supposed to fit a certain mold before we’re considered sexy or pretty; at Whisper, our motto is “Beauty is not made here; it’s rediscovered.” I also believe a properly fitting bra can change your life. We carry band sizes 28-54 and A-O cup, so no matter what size you are, we can help!

What sort of bridal accessories do you offer?

We offer a wide array of lingerie, garter belts, bridal garters, bridal panties, satin robes, and several items with “The Mrs.” or “The Bride” on them. We also offer the #1 Strapless Bra in the country and great shapewear options for your special day!

Whisper Stillwater

What can brides expect when they come in for a fitting?

Allow 10-15 minutes for your fitting if you’ve never been professionally fitted. We’ll have you take your shirt off but leave your bra on. After gathering a couple of measurements, one of our fit experts will grab a fit bra to determine your size. Unlike most stores, we will check each bra for the best fit as you may be one size in one bra and a completely different size in another style. We make the process as quick and easy as possible, and once sized, we keep your info on file so you don’t have to be resized every time you visit!

Check out what Whisper has to offer at http://www.whisperintimates.com or http://www.facebook.com/whisperintimates. For a fitting visit their storefront at 9th and Main in Downtown Stillwater.

Photo Credit: Whisper Intimate Apparel.