Day -of #2What does a wedding day coordinator do?

A wedding day coordinator comes in and takes the elements  a couple plans, and helps execute them the day of the wedding.

Why hire a wedding day coordinator?

You put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into planning your wedding. You deserve a break! We handle those stressful day-of details so you can relax and actually enjoy your big day.

We specialize in wedding day coordination, what does that mean for you?

A couple of things. First of all, since we aren’t planning the entire wedding, we can offer our services at an affordable price!

Secondly, we can be booked as early or as late in the wedding planning process as you need since the weeks before the wedding is when our involvement ramps up.

There is benefit to booking early though! 1) You ensure your wedding date on our calendar. 2) You’ll have unlimited email access to ask questions along the way.

For pricing information and a breakdown of what is included in our wedding day coordination package go here.